IntraLase “Bladeless” LASIK

In bladeless or all-laser LASIK for corrective eye surgery, lasers have replaced mechanical cutting tools (microkeratome) associated with conventional LASIK.

Instead, bladeless LASIK uses two different kinds of lasers:

► Femtosecond laser: This laser directs laser energy precisely to create a thin, hinged flap, which then is lifted temporarily from the eye’s surface or cornea.

► Excimer laser: Energy from this type of laser is applied to the newly exposed eye surface, where tissue is removed in a precise pattern to alter the cornea’s shape.

In all LASIK procedures, including bladeless forms, the flap then is put back in place to serve as a natural “bandage” for better comfort and healing.

Once an eye is reshaped by LASIK, it should have an improved ability to focus light rays onto the retina for significantly sharper vision.

Both microkeratome-based and bladeless LASIK generally have good outcomes with few complications, as reported in clinical trials leading to FDA approvals of both types of systems.